Athena Sinema Lensleri Introducing the NiSi ATHENA PRIME Full Frame Cinema Lenses, including 5 Lenses 14mm T2.4, 25mm T1.9, 35mm T1.9, 50mm T1.9, 85mm T1.9 in PL, E and Rf Mounts. The lenses are designed with a full-frame and 46mm imaging circle, covering focal lengths from 14mm ultra-wide angle to 85mm portrait focal length, making it the perfect choice for most shooting scenarios.

46mm Image Circle For Full-frame Coverage

Focal lengths range from 14mm ultra-wide angle to 85mm in the NiSi Athena range, covering super wide angle to portrait focal lengths. It allows you to capture a wide variety of subjects.

Fast Aperture T 1.9 / T2.4

25/35/50/85mm all have a maximum aperture of T1.9. The 14mm has a maximum aperture of T2.4. Athena Lenses have Soft bokeh for beautiful background separation.

Ultra-Low Chromatic Aberration and Micro-Contrast control

Designed with micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration, these lenses offer unparalleled image quality with finer image details.

No Visible Focus Breathing

The Athena Prime lenses have been designed to minimize focus breathing. This means that, regardless of the focal length or aperture setting, the change in field of view when adjusting focus from the minimum focus distance to infinity is extremely small.

Drop In Filter System (E and RF)

The RF and E-mount models have a drop-in filter slot while the PL mount takes rear screw-on filters.

300° Focus Rotation

With fluorescent focal scales for precise focus pulls.

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