NiSi WIZARD W-63 Kamera Konumlandırma Braketi (Sony)

2.947 (KDV DAHİL)

  • Enables quick rotation of camera between portrait and landscape orientation
  • Provides a more stable center of gravity
  • No need to remove from tripod clamp to re-position
  • Features tactile indicators at 0, 90, and 180 degrees for level images
  • Compatible with all tripods thanks to Arca Swiss-compatible foot or the 1/4″ mount
  • Quickly change lenses without needing to remove the Wizard or remove the camera from a tripod
  • Fully compatible with all tilt and articulating screens
  • Compatible with Sony Mirrorless

Compatible with
A7/A72/A73/A74/A7R/A7R2/A7R3/A7R4/A7R5/A7S/A7S2/A7S3 – Most Sony E-mount lenses are compatible.  Some third-party manual lenses have a large diameter and cannot be installed.

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